Legal Conflict: the definition and particularities


It doesn’t exist probably anyone who would never face with conflict situations. In the scientific literature conflict is treated uniquely. There are many definitions of the term. The most common approach is to define the conflict through contradiction as a more general concept.
The development of any society is a complex process that takes place on the basis of origin, deployment, and resolution of the objective contradictions. Meanwhile, tensions and conflict, on the one hand, it cannot be treated as synonyms, but on the other — against each other. Contradictions, opposites, differences are the necessary but not sufficient conditions for conflict. Opposites and contradictions turn into conflict when they begin to interact with the forces which are their bearers. In this way, the conflict is the manifestation of objective and subjective contradictions, manifested in the conflict parties.

Knowledge of the nature of the conflict, the mechanism and the phases of its development are important not only in terms of conflict management, ie a utilitarian, practical sense, but in the epistemological perspective. Conflict Management knowledge helps to understand the different types of conflicts that arise in interpersonal, work, family, managerial, organizational, ethnic, and international relations. In other words, this knowledge will enhance any area of ​​social life.
If we proceed from the psychological essence of the conflict, it can be considered as one of the types of difficult situations that arise in the course of human life and social group.

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