Internship Report

Internship Report
The name of the company in which I did internship is “Commander. Taxi”. The sphere of business of this company is to provide high quality transportation services for VIP clients. In stark contrast to other firms in the taxi sector, the “Commander. Taxi” targets primarily the top layer of clientele for whom the main requirement to the service is its high quality and convenience. Almost all procedures of ordering the taxi are computerized; therefore possibility of delays and mistakes due to the ubiquitous human factor is reduced to the minimum. Any other taxi company in Moscow can boast about such level of automation as this one has at present.

The adaptation of the newest technologies to the purposes of VIP transportation allows this company to be far ahead of all local competitors. For example “Commander” uses GPS receivers on its cars to closely monitor them and to route these cars along the most suitable ways. It is very important for such huge city as Moscow where traffic jams become ever more difficult problem. The taxi driver can in real time see what are the traffic circumstances in any particular road or juncture and on the basis of this information decide how he can evade in the best way the difficult place. Consequently, the cars of the “Commander” are not in the jams as many other taxies are, but always on the road with its clients arriving in time to their destination.

This company uses only Mercedes-Benz cars E-class. This fact in itself places the company in stark contrast to all others, particularly those of semi-Soviet style with their decrepit yellow Volgas.

Moscow market of people transportation has its own peculiarities in comparison to all other cities of Russia. To be successful in taxi market in Moscow you need to belong to the one of the two categories: or you orient your services to the lowest price segment of the market, targeting primarily provincial “guests of our capital” who flock on the square of the three railway stations, or you target the clientele of the highest level. Why so? The answer is simple enough. The middle class of Moscow in its overwhelming majority has own good cars and would not travel in the dirty soviet made “ladas” of migrant taxi-drivers. In the same time they are not so wealthy as to be able to order luxury car with highly professional driver. On the contrary those people whose income is higher than 10000$ a month have any qualms to phone “Commander” when they need good transportation service. The main advantage here is the fact that such person do not need to have his own car with all attending troubles of where to place it and how service it. The only thing that you need to do simply to phone or e-mail the “Commander” and you will be delivered wherever you need whenever you want in shortest possible time; either inside Moscow or in its environs.

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