Fight against the crime

In the society it is considered that the people who fight against the crime,
for instance the detectives, must correspond to high moral and ethic standards. The criminal, on the contrary, is the worst example of the person. However, the authors of detective stories often change the types of participants and as a result the charismatic thieves and the unpleasant police officers appear. As a rule, a person, who had to become a criminal by chance, saved the idea about honor and dignity, and becomes  a noble outlaw. I argue that the cause of the creation such kind of a character was a reaction of the people on unfairness and cruelty from the authority. Moreover, everyone wants to imagine himself on the place of the venturous hero-robber, who steals the diamonds or the brave hero-avenger in the mask, who despatches cruel with his enemies. Furthermore, in such kind of novels the real criminals hide themselves under the mask of the authoritative people, the venal policemen, hired detectives, who can do anything for good reward. Thereby the authors wanted to show us that the life is controversial, those people who must protect the ordinary people – use them, and those who usually harm — become good-doers or just brave knights of fortune. Unfortunately, such trends in literature lead to the situation when a rising child or a teenager sees the challenging life of a criminal and also wants to become such a person. He doesn’t still understand that there are other laws in criminal world and they differ a lot from what is written about it in the books.  Probably, the author creates his novel for his hero, where he certainly will win, instead of describing real facts.

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