Essay about Democritus

I am going to present an essay about Democritus, who was the great ancient philosopher. Although he made an important contribution to the science, we hardly know much about him. I suppose that every educated person should know the basic information about such outstanding persons.
When Democritus was young, he came to Athens, hoping to talk with Anaxagoras. But that eminent philosopher didn’t know Democritus and didn’t see him. Nowadays everyone who comes to Athens can see “Democritus Nuclear Research Laboratory”. This shows us that Democritus was the developer of the “atomic theory”. In his philosophy he summed up all the materialist ideas of ancient Greeks. The systematic explanation of Democritus helped to establish the theory of atomism. Democritus was a versatile author who wrote more than 70 works on different disciplines. Unfortunately almost none of his works has survived. Some interesting ideas of Democritus still sound quite up to date, for example the maintenance that the Milky Way is a vast conglomeration of tiny stars. We don’t know much about Democritus’ life. But we know enough about his theory, because it was criticized by Aristotle and maintained by Epicurus. The essence of the theory is that all matter consisted of tiny particles, the smallest that are conceivable. So they were indivisible (the word “atom” means “indivisible” in Greek). Only the void exists in the space between atoms. The atoms are different in shape and extension. This difference explains the properties of various substances. Democritus was the first who invested atoms with motion. The motion and behavior of atoms are determined by the laws of nature. It means that Democritus was one of the first mechanics. Democritus even dealt with the materialists’ doubts about “psyche”. He affirmed that the self belonged to the total structure of reality, it was corporeal and part of the nature. The soul, according to Democritus, was made up of small atoms which could respond to the impacts of the outer world.

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