The exams can be different

The exams can be different.

There is an opinion that after finishing the school it is impossible to enter the University without a help of the training courses or the coaches. That happens because of the level of the entrance exams is two-three times more difficult than in the exams at the average high school. But I can assure you – that is not true. I personally know several examples of successful exam passing, even in the very prestige Universities. The applicant must have the wish!
There is the individual way for every student how to work independently. But anyway there are some recommendations. When you prepare for the math exam you must begin with solving the simplest tasks after looking through the theoretical part. At the end of the preparation look at the answers and the keys of the tasks, evaluate the level of the task difficulty. If something doesn’t come out from the very beginning, look at the clues, the answers and the examples of solving the task. You have to solve as many tasks as you personally need to reinforce the subject. It may be two or three tasks, it may be twenty tasks. The wish to solve as many tasks as possible is also not a good idea. Quantity is not always transformed into quality.
When you prepare for the literature exam you have to remember the contents of the fiction, to learn main terms of literature, to read the articles by the critics and to manage the time properly to repeat the whole subject. The majority of Russian Universities chooses the topics at the entrance exams, where you have to analyse the heroes of different epochs or the topics, where the social or moral problems are the most important (for example “Moral problems in Dostoevsky’s and Tolstoy’s fiction”). Pay special attention to the poetry, where without the help of the lines from the poems the theme can’t be developed. (“The philosophy of Lermontov’s poetry”)

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