Supply the correct tense-forms.


    • 1.1. Supply the correct tense-forms.
    • 1.2. Write the verbs in brackets in the Passive Voice.
    • 1.3.  Translate the following sentences paying attention to the    Complex Object
    • 1. 4. Open the brackets using the Complex Object.
    • 1.5. Translate the following sentences paying attention to the    Complex Subject
    • 1.6.  Change the following sentences using the Complex Subject.
    • 1.7. Translate the following text into Russian.
    • 1.8. Define whether the statement is true or false.
    • Контрольная работа № 2.
    • 2.1. Read the text and translate it into Russian.
    • 2.2. Answer the following questions to the text in written form.
    • 2.3. Read the dialogue and translate it into Russian. (Mobiflex receptionist – R, Mr. Hawk – H).
    • 2.4. Choose the words that best correspond to each space. Translate the sentences into Russian.
    • 2.5. Make a dialogue of a return call from Mr. Shaw (S) to Mr. Hawk (Н). Use exercise 1.3. as the base.
    • 2.6. Read and translate the following business letter into Russian. Pay attention to the form and style of this type of correspondence.
    • 2.7. Choose the word to fill the gap.
    • 2.8. Make an offer from Neva Link to Parks & C0Ltd. Base it on contents of 1.6

Контрольная работа №1
1.1.  Supply the correct tense-forms.
Richard is a househusband, which means that every day his wife (go) goes off to work and (leave) leaves him at home to look after their two young children. Although the family (live) lives in Oxford his wife (work) works in London so she (not usually get back) usually doesn’t  get back  home before 8 p.m.

Richard (think) thinks the apartment is a good idea. “For the moment I  (still enjoy) still enjoy the change in my lifestyle and I (not need) don’t need to get the train to work every day, which is great! I(also learn) also learned lots of new things. For example, I now (understand) understand how difficult it is to do the housework as well as look after two children.

This afternoon Richard (want) wants to do some work on the     book he (write) has written, but he (not think) doesn’t think he can do this. “I (find) find it difficult to concentrate. Even when the baby is asleep I often (feel) feel too tired to  write anything.

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